The mission of the Cowansville Volunteer Action Center is to promote and develop voluntary action in the different sectors of human activity by promoting a space of volunteer commitment around the issues (socio-community-humanitarian) which concern the population of its territory.


The Cowansville Volunteer Action Center is a human-oriented organization that implements a set of innovative practices to stay in tune with its environment. Implementing its approach “the right person in the right place” on a day-to-day basis, it is the central player in the development of voluntary action in its territory. In this perspective, we accompany volunteer citizens in the development and constant improvement of the response to the needs of his community.


For us, empathy is the fact of understanding the other by being able to put oneself in his/her place. It manifests itself in welcoming others with respect and dignity.

This value allows us to be rigorous and ethical at all levels of our activities. Discretion, honesty, transparency and commitment are elements of professionalism.

By cooperation, we refer to working together, sharing the same goals and being in solidarity with the means put in place to achieve them.

Support to the community
For us, community support means putting into action our generosity to meet the needs of that same community. It is manifested in the sharing of accessible and flexible services that are useful to the population.


Getting safe, nutritious food to people through the foodbank is a community effort. We are part of a network that includes farmers, grocery stores, food distribution chains and volunteers committed to getting food to people in need.

Open Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday the food bank service provides food baskets to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Food baskets consist of staple foods that can be prepared to serve adequate meals. Individuals and families receive between 5 to 7 days worth of food.

To Register

The food bank works by appointment only. To register, please call us at 450-263-3758 Thursday to Monday during office hours. We only take registrations from Thursday at 8:30 until Monday at 12:00. Registrations will only be taken during our opening hours.

Food Pick Up

The Food Bank is open every Wednesday from 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 14:00. Please bring one piece of photo identification and proof of residence. You will also need icepacks and bags to carry your food home.

Residents of the following areas are eligible for this service:

Cowansville, East-Farnham, Dunham, Frelighsburg and Brigham.

Donating Food

Donations are always welcome. However, please contact us before dropping them. Please do not leave donations outside. 


Cowansville Foodbank

175 rue Principale, L.5, Cowansville, Québec.

Domaine du Parc

The medical transport is a home support service offered by the CAB to people 65 years and older; it includes people who are in need of transport for the treatments of  hemodialysis, physiotherapy or a cancer treatment. 

All health measures related to the pandemic are in place. 

Terms of service

This service is available to people 65 years of age and over, who have the ability to get in and out of the vehicle.

  • The service is offered at all times, depending on the availability of volunteers.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink, or eat inside the vehicle of the accompanying volunteer.
  • The volunteer cannot accept tips.
  • Charges may apply. 

To be elegible, you need to be a resident of the following municipalities: Cowansville, Abercorn, Adamsville, East-Farnham, Dunham, Frelighsburg, Lac Brome, Brigham and Sutton.

For more information, contact us  at 450-263-3758 or by email at [email protected]

Reservation of transport

To book transportation, please call at 450-263-3758 during opening hours. 

The designated volunteer will contact you to organize the transport details. 

To book a transport, you must call at least 48 hours in advance.

The medical appointment must take place within a radius of 100 km from the CAB.

This service is offered to people 65 years of age and over who need support for commissions in the same territory. The accepted commissions are the bank, the pharmacy and the grocery store.

Terms of service

This service is available to people 65 years of age and over, who have the ability to get in and out of the vehicle.

  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink or eat in the carrier’s vehicle.
  • The accompanying volunteer cannot accept tips.
  • Charges may apply.

For more information, contact us at 450-263-3758 or by email at [email protected] 

Reservation of transport

To book a reservation for transport support, please call us at 450-263-3758 during CAB opening hours, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The designated volunteer will contact you to organize the details of the support.

To book a transport you must call at least 48 hours before the transport.

The income tax service is available year round. However, we strongly encourage people to come during tax season, from late February to the end of April.

Terms of service

Current maximum income: Single person income of $ 35,000 or less

A couple $ 45,000 or less, (each additional dependent $ 2,000);

Single adult with a child $ 35,000 or less (each additional dependent $2,000)

We do not prepare income tax returns for:

  • a deceased person;
  • bankrupt persons;
  • persons with capital gains or losses,
  • self-employment or rental income, or employment expenses.

We ask for voluntary contribution to complete a tax return. 

For more information, contact us at 450-263-3758 or by email at [email protected]

To Register

Bring your documents anytime in an enveloppe with your name and phone number and insert them in the slot in the front door of the Cowansville Volunteer Action Centre.

 Or you can take a picture or scan your documents and send them by E-mail at [email protected] 

After your income tax report is complete a volunteer will call you to inform you of the results and ask your permission for the transmission. Your documents will be returned directly to your home.

Required documents

Before brinning your envelope have all the necessary documents for your tax return. 

  • T4 slip for each job (work income)
  • Relevé 1 for each job (work income)
  • Relevé 5 (Employment Insurance)
  • Relevé 31 Tenant (except HLM)
  • Municipal tax account (if owner)
  • Medical receipts

For people 65 years old and over:

  • T4A
  • Relevé 31 Tenant (except HLM)
  • Municipal tax account (if owner)
  • Relevé 19 (70 years old and over who stays in residence)

People with children must bring:

  • RC62 slip (UPC)
  • Daycare receipt
  • Receipts for activities for children


Our volunteers can inform you and assist you with various programms to which seniors are entitled and often unknown. 

  • Help in understanding gouvernment programs. 
  • Help with procedures concerning health and social services. 
  • Help with housing, leasees, living in residence, correspondence, etc. 

Terms of service

This service is for people 50 years and older and their caregivers.

If you are a caregiver, we can provide you with information on retirement income. 

We can also inform you about the rights and procedures: 

  • For funeral arrangements
  • Elder abuse
  • Prepare or amend a will

This service is personal, confidential and free!

For more information, contact us at 450-263-3758 or by email at [email protected]

To register

To register, please call 450-263-3758 during office hours.

Residents of the following municipalities are eligible for this service:

Adamsville, East-Farnham, Brigham, Cowansville, Dunham, Frelighsburg, West Bolton, Knowlton, Brome, Sutton and Abercorn.

The purpose of this service is to create bonds, to avoid isolation, to comfort and brighten the daily lives of those in need.  The purpose of the  friendly visits or phone calls is to discuss to share a refreshment of to play a board game, for example.

This service is intended for :

  • People withn a wealth of memories, knowledge or anecdotes and who wish to share them.
  • Anyone who feels isolated or alone
  • People suffering from an illness or loss of autonomy.

Terms of service

Visites of phone call are approximately one hour long and can be done on a weekly or occasional basis. 

It is understood that the visit takes place at the user’s home and that going anywhere else is not permitted.

No personal care will be provided by the volunteer during the visits.

The information shared during the visits is confidential and will in no case be disclosed by the volunteers of the service. 

For more information, contact us 450-263-3758 or by email at [email protected]

To register

To register contact us at 450 263-3758 or by email at: [email protected] 

To be elegible you must be a resident of the following municipalities: Abercorn, Adamsville, Brigham, Bolton Ouest, Brome, Cowansville, Dunham, East-Farnham, Frelishburg, Lac-Brome, West-Brome and Sutton.

The CAB de Cowansville is an organization that has been working for 50 years in support of the community of Cowansville and its surroundings. Through our food bank, each year we distribute more than 2,000 food baskets to vulnerable individuals and families.

Currently, we are developing a food project led by our volunteers, which has two main objectives: to produce healthy food that will be distributed in the new Halte Chaleur for homeless people in Cowansville, and to raise funds to support the mission of our organization.

With the food donations we receive from the companies participating in the project, our volunteers prepare hot meals for vulnerable people and preserves that are then sold at various events, such as the Cowansville Christmas Market.

We invite you to become our partner! If you decide to contribute, your name will be listed on our products as well as on our digital publications. In addition, we can provide you with a tax receipt.

The farms that participated in this project in 2022 are:

  • Le Terroir de Dunham
  • Les Carottés (Brigham)
  • Le Paradis des Petits Fruits (Dunham)
  • Ferme du Haut Vallon (Frelighsburg)
  • Ferme au Cœur de la Pomme (Frelighsburg)

For more information, contact us at 450 263 3758

The partnership between the CAB and the IGA de Cowansville to offer the grocery order taking service to people aged 65 and over is now 3 years old!

This service, which began during the first wave of the pandemic, promotes the maintenance and quality of life of people living at home. The CAB receives an allowance for each telephone order sent by our volunteers. Thus, the dedicated work of our volunteers offers a double benefit: to break isolation and to contribute indirectly to raise funds that will serve the CAB to continue its mission.

This innovative partnership allows us to:

  • Promote the maintenance and quality of life of people living at home;
  • Break the isolation of vulnerable people;
  • Provide opportunities to volunteer from the safety and comfort of one's home;
  • Receive recurring funding for the CAB mission, which is reinvested in the community;
  • Consolidate our long-standing partnership with IGA Daigneault et Fils.

For more information, contact us at 450 263 3758

Le CAB en chiffres 2022-2023

Bénévoles actifs
Bénéficiaires qui reçoivent les services
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The joy of living

Volunteering enhances my joy of living.

Gaétane, bénévole au dépannage alimentaire

Ensemble, un communauté bienveillante

On dirait que le CAB a inventé le mot bienveillance !

Sylvie, bénévole aux impôts

Je donne, je reçois

Le bénévolat pour moi c’est purement égoïste, c’est moi qui reçoit.

Arya, bénévole à la réception

S’accomplir tout en améliorant la qualité de la vie et la santé collective

Le bénévolat m’apporte le sentiment d’accomplir quelque chose et de contribuer à améliorer la qualité de la vie et la santé collective.

Pauline, bénévole à la réception

Heureuse de pouvoir aider les gens

Je suis heureuse de pouvoir aider les gens. Faire du bénévolat dans un équipe dynamique m’apporte beaucoup de joie. Nouvellement arrivée dans la région, cela m’aide à m’intégrer à ma nouvelle vie.

Lyne, bénévole au dépannage alimentaire

The joy to help

It brings joy to be able to help others.

Justin, bénévole au dépannage alimentaire